About Us

Who we are


Idea power is a ‘homegrown’ East African renewable power development/investment company.

Our objective is to identify, finance, build and operate grid based renewable power in East Africa as well as the wider continent.

 Since our inception in 2014, we have through steady focus we have managed to advance various projects into late stages of development – and create a tangible realistic pipeline of 55 MW covering hydro and solar projects spanning across 3 countries.

 They key to our approach is applying a precise, focused and efficient business operating model that allows us to engage into projects/opportunities and deploy resources with agility while ensuring that all project risks are identified, examined and to the extent possible mitigated.

 This agility sets us apart from most other institutional developers/investors that are inhibited by more layered decision making processes.


  • We develop energy projects that help to solve power shortages in the country.

  • We provide energy solutions for the country and community.


  • To be an independent power producer offering diverse energy solutions to communities.


  • To develop and invest in total solutions for power generation in East Africa, using diversified energy sources and contribute to helping Kenya develop its own solutions to cover power shortage.

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